Are You And Your Business Ready For The Second Half of Year 2018?

At The End Of Each Year, Entrepreneurs Diligently Study The Latest Trends in Marketing, Plan their Advertising Campaigns. Now It’s Time For The Next Half.

This applies to those who work in the B2B industry for the business sector. Such marketing involves the sale of a product or service from one company to another. The methods are based on the same principles as in the B2C sphere but the way of realization is different. A typical buyer makes the choice based on emotions, pays attention to price and popularity of the product. B2B customers evaluate the purchase at a price and profit potential.

I’ve prepared some fresh B2B and B2C marketing tips. Do not waste a minute, start implementing right now:

1. Customer-Centered Marketing

Look at mobile technology. People use mobile devices more often than computers. All your messages, applications and suggestions should be intelligent, because they are better suited to the needs of the client.

The next trend is personalization as it puts the customer’s needs and expectations to the fore. It is interesting to combine personalization and automation. The same goes for marketing based on an account.

Every time you choose a Digital Marketing Strategy, ask yourself:  “What I’m doing now (advertising/ campaign/video), meets the needs of the client?”

2. Deep Analysis Of The Target Audience

Since all your marketing campaigns need to be customer-centric, you need to collect as much information about them. Knowledge becomes your business asset. Keep track of the quality and accuracy of the data. The more you know about the audience, the better you adapt your advertising, products, and services, increase sales and improve customer support.

There are many simple and understandable ways of collecting information. For example, ask the question directly where the audience is most active:


3. Campaigns For Mobile Devices

I know I know. Every year, marketers say: “It will be a year of mobile technology.” I’m not saying this. I am saying that 2018 should be the year when your companies will become truly mobile. Why? Because now and on the site of GeniusMarketing the number of mobile visitors exceeds desktop.

This also applies to B2B marketing. The popularity of mobile devices is growing. Hence, statistics will move in this direction. Perhaps you need to completely change your approach to creating sites and messages.

4. Videos

This is another trend that is growing every year. But now the video will not be a pleasant addition to your marketing strategy. It will become an obligatory part of the campaigns. Fortunately, this is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Remember that even in this sector people make the decision. And your marketing in B2B must take into account their needs. Make a video that clearly describes your ideal client and how your offer can help him. It’s not so difficult, experiment.


5. Interactive Content

The fact that people are more interested in materials with which you can actively interact is a valid fact. For several years, infographics, quizzes, surveys, quests and similar things are gaining popularity. If you do not already use such materials, be sure to add them to the B2B marketing plans for the next year.

6. Experimental marketing

Experimental marketing helps your customers familiarize themselves with the brand even before the cooperation. Physically or in a virtual world. The trend is growing, so more and more customers expect such opportunities from their suppliers of goods and services.

Learn the latest marketing strategies and methods, and then think about how you can integrate them into interaction with your potential customers. Give the opportunity to “touch” and “feel” your brand for free. You can also think about how experimental marketing can be used in your company to attract, train and optimize the work of your employees.


7. Automation

Studies have shown that the introduction of marketing campaign automation technologies is one of the fastest growing trends. Today, more and more tools are used for automation, different types and formats. B2B entrepreneurs use them for a variety of activities.

For example, sales and revenue management, customer creation and retention, information gathering on potential buyers, cross-boarding management and campaigns in social networks. Automation gives entrepreneurs a wide advantage: you do not need to sit and track every detail of the business. And it’s not necessary to hire a lot of staff for this. A simple program to automate a particular process will save your time, effort and resources.

8. Flexible marketing

Flexible marketing helps to work more productive and much faster. The goal is to give you the opportunity to do the right things and make the right decisions at the right time.

Flexible B2B marketing involves a wide interaction between different departments of the company and customers. The advantages of this model go far beyond sales. For example, flexible marketing is often used for branding. To do this, you need to catch a “high-level” topic and make a cool material based on it. For example, an advertising video clip:



It does not matter what is fashionable in the coming year. Who and what research has been done about this. Just try to talk to your customers. An excellent pretext for this is live events. Surprisingly, this is another powerful content marketing tool. Maybe because people get to see you face to face. It is here that we receive qualitative data in order to ask the right questions. New technologies are excellent, but the right questions work much better. And you need to see customers as real people to ask these questions.

Author: Sikandar Hayat – Digital Marketing Strategist

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