Sidra Mumtaz – Redefining elegance in feminine fashion wear

Sidra Mumtaz offers a wide variety of ladies garments, clutches, kurtas and handbags with a new and trendy design approach.

Market Context


increase in page load timing


increase in order placements


increase in visitor stay


Sidra Mumtaz has always prioritize customers over anything else and they wanted something unconventional on their website. So the biggest challenge was to come up with a design that beautifully compliments their products and the kind of aesthetics they display through their clothing line.

Secondly, they wanted to make the online sales experience uninterrupted for the visitor so we were tasked to make the sales flow non-distracting and smooth for the visitor that is intended to buy from Sidra Mumtaz. As they had no experience in development, folks at Sidra Mumtaz were also a bit unsure for selecting the right CMS to launch their website.

01  Platform Selection

02  Design Finalization

03  Payment Options



For a clothing brand it is very important to be responsive and ready for any electronic device. It is due to the uncertainty of the user that user various devices to access a website on internet. So we kept Sidra Mumtaz very responsive and ready for almost any kind of electronic device.

Social Interaction

Social interactions are of paramount importance for a clothing brand as the more it is popular the more chances it has for sales. So we integrated social plugins into the theme of Sidra Mumtaz to help the visitor find the right social network and stay connected with folks at Sidra Mumtaz.

Ease of Navigation

We understand the unpredictable behavior of the internet users so we kept the website understandable for them. They can easily opt in to any section that they want while selecting the products or when they desire to check out with a selected item.

Symmetric Layout

Being a competitive brand of Pakistan, Sidra Mumtaz never stops creating new clothing lines as there are plethora of fashion wears according to new seasons. Keeping this element in view, we kept the website very organized so when a visitor lands on the homepage, she will find all new sections at the front page.

Value proposition

Sidra Mumtaz required a clean and responsive website to showcase their products online. We helped them find the right design and in making the right selection of CMS that could support their routine business operations.



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