Serene Premium – A sober, stylish and soothing experience

Displaying a soft and sober element in their brand image, Serene Premium offers a wide range of female clothing lines.

Market Context


increase in user retention


increase in checkouts


increase in load time


Serene Premium brought new ideas in female fashion clothing industry that have a positive impact on feminine dressing preferences. They had very beautiful collection of designs and textures that enhance the beauty and charm of the wearer. But the fashion industry, in today’s internet driven age, demands a concrete online presence that they lacked.

In order to make a stable position among fashion mongers, they required a perfect website that matches with their designing skills, the kind of dresses they intend to sell and their business values. We tried our best to eliminate these hurdles mentioned below that were holding Serene Premium to progress online:

01  No Online Identity

02  No Customer Interaction

03  No Product Catalogue


Attractive Page Layout

A typical user not just buys the dress but also counts various elements in a website while checking out dresses. We tried our best to bring something unconventional while designing the page layout for the website of Serene Premium that smartly serves the purpose of this brand.

Unconventional Design

Serene Premium emphasizes on feminism, beauty and elegancy in their company message so we thought the design should resonate with these elements. We tried our best to depict such qualities of website design by adding cascade effect when linking different sections that turned out to be very unconventional in terms of website design.

Ease of Checkout

We believe that the user shouldn’t be distracted with the hassle of finding a certain option during the course of selection. We kept the checkout option at the top of the page to help the user hit it whenever she finds a perfect dress for her and this helped Serene Premium in meeting their sales goals in decent manner.

Multiple Access Options

Today’s user is not reliant on a single source for accessing a website. There are PCs, there are tablets, and there are smartphones and it is unpredictable from where your next visitor will come. So we kept the website responsive for all prevalent sources including Smartphones and tablets while designing the website for Serene Premium.

Value proposition

With a perfect website design that is responsive for all internet devices, Serene Premium have built a strong position to compete with other brands. We helped them make their online presence stronger, trustable and unique with our development expertise.



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