EMBROYAL – Reviving the charm of royal ornaments

We achieved the challenge of depicting that royal feel into each section of the website that the designers aspire to showcase into their products enlisted on the site.

Market Context


increase in customer acquisition


increase in confirmed purchase rate


increase in customer retention through relevant page links


EMBROYAL is engaged in designing and selling female outfits that are inspired from Mughal era and adequately serve the demand of today’s fashion needs of a wearer. Our biggest challenge was to come up with a website layout that is simple yet attractive and accurately caters the need of the designers. We selected the color scheme, fonts and dropdown menus very carefully to ensure that everything is in line with the core vision of the designers and syndicates the right message with website’s layout. We aimed to provide the visitor a royal feel once she lands on the website and never loses her interest in the beautiful garments that the designers have marvelously designed. It helped the folks at EMBROYAL in eliminating the problems and achieved certain objectives as mentioned below:

They needed to tell their brand story in a visual way without using many words as demand by the competitive fashion industry. We offered them our designing and development expertise to deal with these challenges in a creative and clutter-free way in shape of their neat and clean website layout.

01  More Graphic, Less Text

02  Ease of Checkout

03  Quick Page Launch


Clean Website Layout

The fashion industry demands a clean website layout to showcase the items without any distraction. We kept this element during the designing of EMBROYAL’s theme that allowed us to achieve a clean and decent feel in the website.

Strategic Interlinking

EMBROYAL’s website demands continuous search and navigation by the customer in order to display maximum number of items by each visitor. We applied a strategic interlinking approach for pages that contain the description about their product.

Social Pages Integration

Keeping up with the customers in fashion industry is of paramount importance for the designers that intend to marketing and sell their beautiful outfits through the website. Sensing this need of EMBROYAL, we integrated all their social pages to allow an opportunity to the customers to connect with them on their most used social platform.

More Visuals

A website selling ladies garments and designer dresses requires showcasing its products for which product images, look-books, and videos are an eminent approach. We tried our best to keep the website short, concise and less fuzzy by using more graphic content and minimum text. We aimed at displaying EMBROYAL’s products with more clarity by minimizing the text and amplifying the visual content on the website.

Value proposition

We helped them in launching their online store successfully by maintaining a balance in design, core message and product display. EMBROYAL not only launched their website successfully but also developed a strong social connection with its targeted customers through their website



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