Window Tinting

Window Tinting On-The-Go! We devised an uninterrupted connection between window tinting experts and car owners by utilizing multiple online channels.

Market Context


250% increase in window tinting service inquiries


150% increase in leads through online mediums


70% increase in customer acquisition


SUNCARE Window Films has invested its resources and time in studying the vulnerability of glass based items and how window films can eliminate the fragility of bare glass. The company's core operations are to provide window tinting and window film products on affordable prices. They wanted to reach as much customers as they could but conventional marketing approach kept their reach limited. In order to increase their customer reach and social interactions, they had to deal with several barriers to expand their business. Before that they were having


02 LIMITED market recognition


Obtained from their marketing endeavors


Better Online Interaction

We helped them designing their website and setup social pages to stay connected with their target audience through responsive web pages and improve their online interactions

Proper Data Recording System

There was no proper system for storing, sorting and utilizing the customer’s queries that lead to lose potential customers. We helped them managing data in a systematic manner and plan according to customer’s needs.

Stable Online Presence

Before that, they were relying on conventional marketing approach so we enabled them to get found online not only in their surroundings but across the city whenever someone types the phrase ‘window tinting services’.

Sustainable Monthly Profits

We helped them gathering the data in one place, answer the customer’s queries in time and complete the job within given timeframe which led them to returning customers’ trend and stable clientele due to their dedication and timely service delivery.

Value proposition

We helped them simplifying complex window tinting concepts to educate the customers so they can make better decision. Our aim was to enable them put the information in simple, concise and attractive way so they reader can digest it and make the best decision about their service and products.

Branding approach

Our focus was to help them establishing a strong web presence on all platforms that are similar, identifiable and approachable. We helped them in getting found in web searches, leading customers from each service section and placing the order either through email, chat or call. We helped them become the first choice of customers looking for window tinting services in the region.

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