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Not only the kids are captivated by a tale, but adults also and this is what makes storytelling important on social media. It is the psychology of humans to enjoy a story and it helps in understanding the concepts more easily than any other material. Most of the people still today believe that the stories are just in books, which is not true as we have stories around us about the experiences of the people. Stories capture the emotions of the people and they get interested in them more than something that is simply posted on social media with no attraction like visuals. Storytelling is a powerful tool to direct the attention of audience on something and it creates a connection with the customers. A story containing emotions works better than an advertisement. There are many ways of storytelling on social media platforms for Social Media Marketing Dubai; here are a few of them that give good results when utilized for Facebook.

  1. Testimonial videos:

There is no doubt that people are more interested in watching something than reading, so creating Facebook videos with the customers telling their stories and experiences is a good way of storytelling to draw the attention of the potential customers. The testimonials of different clients added in a single video telling how the services or the products assisted them can be posted on Facebook to attract those who are looking for the services or the products offered by a business.

  1. Posts with full story:

There are social media managers for social media marketing Dubai who prefer to direct the visitors to a specific page for details and this technique is not beneficial as the individuals feel comfortable in getting to read the whole story from a single place. Driving traffic to another page makes the visitors uninterested, so giving the whole picture in a single Facebook post written with the perfect selection of words related to the product or service is the perfect way of storytelling to captivate. Writing just the summary or title will not help in attracting the potential customers.

  1. Share images in album:

Creating an album and sharing multiple images of an event or experience is another amazing way of telling a story for social media marketing Dubai. Uploading the images in series captures the visitor’s attention, so this way of storytelling can’t be ignored.

  1. Live feature of Facebook:

Nothing works better than going live on Facebook as people are only interested in authenticity, so it is a key aspect of storytelling. This allows engaging with the audience on the page and this way can be utilized for telling something important about the business, sharing tips or answering the queries.

  1. Series of Facebook Ads:

An Ad alone doesn’t give great results, a series of Ads works great for attracting the audience. The series of Ads with the steps in which the first Ad can be an introduction of the company, second Ad showing the need of the product or service and the third Ad with the CTA as well as Email subscription. The Ads set to run for a few days each will make the conversion rate better. The story told in this way captures the attention in a unique way first by telling about the brand, then telling the demand it will fulfill and then offering the service or product to meet the demand.

We speak and listen every day that is storytelling which we share with others and other people share with us. We are interested in it, but we don’t realize that it is storytelling that’s why people are not aware of its importance in social media marketing Dubai. It is a fact that telling something as story keeps people interested in it as they are a source of entertainment and this source can be used for persuading people to book a service or purchase a product.

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