How Does SEO Work? 6 Elements to Consider as a Beginner

Now, all organizations are considering the need for digital marketing. When we talk about the budget, you may see a 14% increment in the marketing budget. However, what is the most crucial step in digital marketing? The simple answer is SEO or search engine optimization.

Obviously, people who are aware of the importance of SEO are more competitive. If you are not among those and want to know about SEO, then read the expert guide and team of Development Logix. Read further to know the important of SEO and get to know how it can expand your business.

How SEO Works & Why Is It Important?

Search engine optimization and SEO are the practices to boost page appearance. Also, these can boost your web page in the search results as organic search helps many people to know about your site. You can do it with SEO strategies and improve the traffic to the site.

You may find many textbooks regarding the use of SEO. Also, you will know how it works and overcome your business needs. But on the high scale, you may break the SEO into:

  1. Search engines bring online traffic to the site.
  2. Search engines cause the fame of organic and paid results. It helps the algorithm to crawl the results best suited to the query.
  3. SEO uses keywords, links, and optimized content to rank your site.

Make sure to know that the search engine algorithm is continuously changing. So, it is necessary for SEO experts to be aware of all new tactics. This way businesses can rank their sites to the high results and bring traffic. Some famous SEO benefits are:

  • Focus on UX
  • Understanding of visitor intent
  • Checking of current search engine algorithm

Core Elements of SEO

Before proceeding to get SEO services you need to first figure out what are the core aspects of Search engine optimization for any online business. Also, if you are looking to hire SEO experts, then consider choosing the Development Logix team.

Moreover, when you talk about SEO and marketing techniques, there are some phrases that you must understand. However, sure to know some core elements of SEO, which are:


Audience or targeted audience is the group of members featured by nature and demographics. No doubt, the audience is the foundation of many sites and affects decision-making. These help to know the right place to invest money, appeal to customers, and build trust. So, knowing the right audience for your business is crucial.

Searcher Intent:

It may also be chosen for user and audience intent. It is about the purpose of the online search on Google. Some types of internet are:

  • Informational intent
  • Navigational intent
  • Transactional intent
  • Commercial investigation


These are referred to as the search terms a visitor adds to the Google search engine. So, the engine shows the results according to such keywords. The keyword may be a single word or a phrase with many words. Marketers use keywords to rank the site content and pages.

Meta Description:

Meta description comes in the technical factors. However, it is mainly affected by the SERPs. This description is also known as an HTML element that explains the page summary. The Meta description tag is shown in the search snippet of SERPs. This helps the user to know about the type of content on the page.


This may be in the form of text, audio, video, or any other type on the site. No doubt, every element can be improved with SEO. But remember, content is the king in the digital marketing world. It is the main ingredient in the recipe of your site. So, make sure to consider the SEO strategy for content.


Another name for backlinks is inbound or incoming links. The reason is that these are part of off-page SEO strategies. When a site links to another site, it creates the backlinks. So, to boost your SEO strategies, you have to put as many backlinks as you want. These are the online proof that your site is authoritative. So, it helps the search engine to rank your site on particular topics.


SEO or search engine optimization is the most complex task. Other than this, it is much more crucial, and many professionals consider it. However, the above-mentioned elements will help beginners in SEO.

Also, if you are looking to work with the best SEO company, then consider choosing Development Logix over others. The experts are capable of driving the best SEO strategies to upgrade your business and bring more leads!

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