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Being one of the most visited website, Pinterest is still an underrated platform that you need to consider for a new marketing channel of your business. Whether you make those amazing pancakes, own a flower shop in Dubai’s busiest location or involve in some handicraft, you still need to know the real value of Pinterest. This is not just an image based website where you’ll find animal wallpaper but more than that. So here are few ideas that we, being the provider of Digital Marketing Services in Dubai, wanted to share with you and encourage you to add Pinterest as a new way to market your business and progress in a new way.


You’re good at what you do but there are others that share the title of perfectionist in your domain. Given the fact that the world is full of creativity, you can use Pinterest to find new and fresh ideas to craft your services or further polish your products. Find the categories that meet your area of interest and you’ll find new approaches to do the same thing that you do on routine basis in your shop. This way you can stay inspired to do something new and give your customers newness in your offerings by the habit of improvisation on routine basis.


Another way that you can try Pinterest is by displaying your products and meet international buyers instead of relying on a specific audience that reside near your business. Suppose, you make traditional shoes and want to increase sales and this is where Pinterest become your loyal friend by providing you enough space to list (or pin in the language of Pinners) your products. The benefit of pinning your product based images is that they can be seen by millions of people either searching for new ideas or willing to buy items that you offer.


If you think of Pinterest as the scrapbook from your school days then you really need to update your idea about this awesome platform that can do wonders for you. We know all that this teeny tiny idea became a giant overnight with billions of users and now it offers paid advertisement between searches and recommendations. And you can benefit from its advertising platform that beats Facebook and Twitter in terms of deriving results and generating unlimited leads. All you need to do is align your campaign wisely (consult with our experts if you feel any confusion) and lead your business towards the huge profits.


You have customers, you have fans that love your business but how you keep them engaged to retain a positive response rate when you release a new product or offer a discount? If using visual content is need of your business then we’d recommend that you build online community through Pinterest that gives more response instead of creating Facebook groups with your business name. You may choose contributors from your top fans and engage them in promoting your business with visual content that you offer using your business.

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