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In this modern era, website is something that is mandatory for every business as it is nearly impossible to advertise the products and increase the sales without the online presence. You want to gain traction and generate leads, you’d require a user-friendly website that meets the current search trends and provides an easy navigation interface. But before you contact a web design company in Dubai, it is essential to equip yourself with the important aspects of a website. We’ve tried our best to provide you with the key aspects of an ideal website that would help you in discussing your development needs in effective way.


No one likes clutter that makes the whitespace on the web page important as it decreases the visual complexity. Less words on the page makes it easy for the visitors to process and evaluate what’s going on in front of them otherwise they don’t read the information properly and leave the website. Whitespace helps in increasing the readability and you can play with different color combinations in text to attract a user. The white background helps the users in understanding the content in an effective manner in comparison to a non-white background. This is why the best web design company would always recommend you to select keep the website layout as simple as you could with white space.


With the readability high on the website, it is easy for the visitor to see and read everything without much effort which helps in remembering the information given about the services or products. The essential element in a website that makes the content readable is the contrast between the written words and the background.The contrast makes the content clear that’s why the companies providing the Web Design Services pay special attention on it while designing a website.Different colors are connected to a certain human emotion and can help you connect with your potential customer. It is of paramount importance that you try a specific range of color shades on your website that increase the meaning of the content and resonate with the customer searching on you online for a service or a product. The professional designers are well aware of using different fonts in a single page to differentiate in writing while keeping the harmony and without making the web page appear messy.

3.CTA Placements

Putting the CTAs on top of the web page is the biggest mistake and it should be added on the bottom of the page. No one is ready to take action when he/she lands on the page, so the time should be given to read the information before persuading a visitor to take an action. The CTA added in the bottom works well because the visitor who is interested in the service or productgoes through the entire page and she would have made a decision that needs a little push with a smart CTA.


Adding the image of a human face on the website is a powerful way of attracting the visitors, it is not only a method of drawing the attention of the visitors but it also correlates with the conversion. The practice of using human images in the design helps us trigging the emotional side of the visitor that somewhere impacts on the decision making process.


The placement of social icons should be very strategic while getting your website developed by a professional web design company in Dubai. Try not to make the social buttons very prominent in the upper section as it may distract the user from reading the content and making a decision. It is ideal to put icons in footer or where the content ends. You should maintain the balance between content, CTA and social buttons that are all very important to connect with the user on different grounds.

These are the essentials which make a website user-friendly; the person looking for a web design company to get the website designed should keep these in mind to increase the online presence with a perfectly created website.

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