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The use of social media is imperative in order to gain more sales and develop customer interest in your product/services. Being one of the most used social platforms, Instagram beats the rest due to its addictive interface and multiple sharing options. There are successful businesses that are making best use of this platform so why don’t you give it a shot and turn it into a strong marketing channel? We thought to give you few ideas to initiate your Instagram journey using our expertise as a provider of Digital Marketing Services in Dubai. So let the conversation begin with interesting ways that you may utilize for marketing purposes.


You might be making tasty pastries or giving amazing haircuts to your customers but how many of them know about your existence in town? If you’re not using online platforms, you’re missing those 70% of customers that reside near your business but never found you for so many reasons. People interact with businesses in different way today after the rise of social media from past decade and Instagram is a strong platform to attract these people that could be your customers. Create social posts that resonate with your potential customers’ needs and use relevant hash tags that would help your posts to get noticed in their newsfeed.


Photos, collages, short videos and GIFs have taken over the internet and you may utilize these options to engage your fans on Instagram. Every business has a story and it’s up to you that how you tell your story using Instagram that is known for its ‘story’ feature. You’ve improved your service quality and do the best from rest of the service providers. But you need to tell everyone how you do it in order to create engagement and gain sales. You may use photos or create short videos to instill the element of interest in your target audience that follow your Instagram account on regular basis.


Don’t forget that you have competitors and other businesses that might not work in the same field of yours but surely share the newsfeed space. A person would scroll down your post if it fails to seek his/her attention in first glimpse. So be creative when sharing routine updates and get noticed by the people that are finding the services you offer. Use catchy titles and short descriptions and make best use of the signs and smileys this social media platform has to offer in variety of shapes. This would definitely add a new spark in your communication when you want to address your followers as well as regular customers.


The reason businesses use Instagram is due to its unique infrastructure that beats even Facebook in terms of announcement and discount offers. You may put your creativity for announcing different discounts in timely manner and double the sales on certain occasions. The benefit of using Instagram as a marketing source is that you may set your own budget to run a campaign and generate massive sales and monitor your ROI using its addictive and creative way.

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