Who We Are

We Build Amazing User Experience


  • 1

    Rasib Drops
    out of University

  • 2

    Started Internship as Developer, Later on as Web App Developer

  • 3

    Rasib Started making Web Based Software Focused on Branding

  • 4

    Built a Team of Designers, Digital Marketers and Developers for Sole Projects

  • 5

    Meet with Tahir Kashif. He is
    a Marketing Expert

  • 6

    They Join Hands Together and Start
    Working for Brands in Dubai and UAE

  • 7

    Rasib Exits Cresset and Started working with The Team He Built during Job

  • 8

    Rasib and Tahir Became Friends and Business Partners

  • 9

    They Got Top Brands Digital Marketing and Web Development Projects

  • 10

    Successfully done all ProjectsM
    with Quality Results

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